Pallet & Container Consolidation

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Pallet Consolidation

Purchasing multiple items from different online websites or buying from store to store can be difficult when shipping to the Carribbean. At Tropix Ocean, we do our best to provide the most convenient and cost effective way to ensure that your goods and packages are received with no hassle at all! We asssist you from start to finish by consolidating your goods then organizing delivery to your door!

Container Consolidation

Looking for a U.S. conolidatator to hold your stock or furniture until it’s time to ship? Say no more! We have the perfect solution for you and also offer an online account for you to view all of your cargo as it arrives. We take care of everything inclusive of loading once your items are sent to our address. When your container is safely packed and secured, off to it’s final destination it goes! We also assist with trucking/brokerage in those locations as well!